PUNKtures Art Show @ Steam Whistle Brewery!

I am pleased to be participating the PUNKtures Art Show now on at Steam Whistle Brewery!

“PUNKtures is a visual examination of the attitude of punk rock that is the desire for change and a will to challenge the everyday, the love of the underdog, the willingness to think differently. The artists involved, possessing intimate understanding of the Toronto Punk Scene, present the duality inherent in a subculture where opposing sentiments often coexist side by side: neglected meets precious, tender meets harshness. Meaning and truth can be found in what others reject so as to reconstruct it and chew and digest anything of value that may have been lost otherwise.” –Leslie Walters, Curator

Artists include: Anna Lise Walmer (Assemblage), Helen Prancic (Photography/Collage), Henry Martinuk (Photography), Jen Rec (Illustration), Jonathan Culp (A/V screening – Opening night only!), Leanne Davies (Painting), Leslie Walters (Painting/Drawing), Mike Lax (Illustration), NOXIOUS (Assemblage), RUNT (Painting), Shawna T. Heist (Raven) (Painting), Skull Studio (CORPUSSE) (Painting/Drawing).

The show runs until October 30th, 2015 at Steam Whistle Roundhouse, free and open to the public.

Monday to Thursday // 12noon – 6pm
Friday and Saturday // 11am -6pm
Sunday // 11am -5pm
Steam Whistle Brewing
The Roundhouse
255 Bremner Blvd., Toronto